James Lambeth

We were saddened to hear about the loss of our good friend and fellow musician James Lambeth. We were honored to have worked with him over the years on numerous projects and will use this site to celebrate his musical career for all to enjoy. Belowis a collection of links to bands and recordings that feature his talent. We are so fortunate that he left us these amazing treasures.


The Lambeth Swing- Jaruba’s Kid - 2014

The Lambeth Swing- The Space Of One Day 2015


The Edsel Furys


The Jennifer Abbott Trio

Alexander Inmate - Purple Of The Odd Person

Alexander Inmate - The Last Year



Soul Shaker - "Way Far From Cool"


Ottrepop - "Tiny Star”

Ottrepop - "Bi Fleen De Skeen

Ottrepop -“She Rose Stiffly

Ottrepop -“British Teeth"

Soul Shaker - "Catalog of Dreams

The Edsel Furys -“Seedy Undertone”-Live

The Edsel Furys -“Seedy Undertone”-2

Aqualung -“Strange and Beautiful

His Got An Arm Off

TheRefusal -“Invisible

Power Point(download link)


Norman Transcript Article 6.19.20

SomersetLive Article

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