Corey Roberts - Here In The Middle - 2014

Back from a 15-year hiatus from the recording industry, Corey Roberts has hit the ground running with his latest release, Here in the Middle on nub records. The Acoustic, Pop, Rock album was written over the last 20 years and recorded over the last 13 years in Austin, TX. HITM highlights wide lyrical ranges over sweet melancholy piano passages both accompanied by a soothing acoustic guitar.

Roberts, a vocal and piano major in college, plays almost all the instruments on the album, which can be broken into three divisions based on the instrumentation used. Everything You Wanted and It Was Me show off the intimacy of just a lone acoustic guitar chased by an inquisitive vocal melody. The second division adds more instruments such as a haunting sustained piano coupled with multiple lyric harmonies in She Says and Where You Are. The busiest of the tracks, such as the title track, Here In The Middle or The Girl You Used To Know, feature a guest percussionist with Roberts adding on a bass and lead guitar.

In the 90’s, Corey headed up such bands as Alexander Inmate, Wookin’ pa Nub and Balloon Farm and started the label nubrecords in 1993, which housed 25 bands at its peak. After relocating to Austin, TX in 1998, Roberts opened ponysound, which is a state of the art, audio post-production studio focusing on national TV and radio ads. “The Success of the studios has allowed me to take my time recording this album on my terms.” says Roberts. Corey’s three main influences on the album are Simon and Garfunkel, Beck and Merle Haggard. He is currently supporting the album with solo acoustic shows.

The album is now available at iTunes,CD Baby, Amazon, Pandora and Spotify.

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